This blog is live!

How did it come to this?

I was often asked, if I blog my experiences as a devoloper and home administrator somewhere. Until today, I did not. I do have a Mastodon account, which is hosted by the humble student body computer science of the TU Dortmund but that is more for private conversation. But somehow I repeatedly stumbled over the writefreely project and so I did some research about how to self-host it, found this neat writefreely-docker project by to whom I owe a big “Thank you!” for not having to write my own Dockerfile!

That said, I needed to make some changes to it in order to make the container build again. To fulfill my obligation to the attached GPL I published the result to a project on which I would be happy to contribute back to the upstream project. Besides that I also constructed a docker-compose.yml file in order to make deploying the service to my home server even easier. I added two versions of this file using the compose branch of the project.


So here it is, my first post to this new blog. I hope that I can provide more insight into my work/hobby/project(s) from time to time at this place. If you are interested in it, feel free to follow this blog using the ActivityPub protocol i.e. via Mastodon using the address If you are interested in me as a person and more personal stuff I exchange with others, feel free to follow me on Mastodon using Be aware that I do mix English and German there, though. Might even use some Spanish or Swedish from time to time ;–)

Post Scriptum

If the original author(s) stumble over my contribution to their code and want to integrate it upstream, please contact me! If you even are unhappy with the way I provided the changed code, also contact me! I prefer to be contacted via Mastodon using a private message about this matter. And once again:
Thank you!

My name is Chris. I am a IT consultant from germany blogging about his struggle with technology at home. Whether it is about Wifi bridges, VPN, home servers or new software I tested, you will always get a touch of "me" with each post. Maybe, someday I will also write more personal stuff here, but until then you would want to follow me on Mastodon ( for the personal stuff. Also I want to let you know, that I moderate the german LinuxLounge@TheRadio.CC which you can follow